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ConceptWare PKM

ConceptWare was formed to develop an intuitive personal knowledge management system (PKM) capable of organizing and interrelating any type of knowledge item that you have access to at your computer.

We felt that information flow through cyberspace is increasingly important in more of our activities in the sense that available knowledge is equivalent to the product of subject matter, bandwidth, and storage capacity while creative productivity  can be defined as the ability to mine novel associations within the available knowledge.

While there are PIM and concept mapping applications which address some aspects of the problem, what we all normally use to manage our knowledge now are file systems, browser history, and (sadly) paper.  Limitations of these methods include that they are static structures with limited ability to associate knowledge objects and only address certain object types.

ConceptWare hoped to address these shortcomings by providing a durable and open method for associating knowledge objects regardless of type through preconfigured and user defined relationships.

Knowledge object retrieval could be performed by a combination of searching on characteristics of objects and traversing the graph of relationships between objects.

I did the graphics also...


Co-founder and CEO.

© 2019 Donna Kelley

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